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The EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on 25 May 2018 and with it, all companies in the EU are going to have to adapt to a new way of working and ensure both they and their suppliers are in full compliance.

Providing clear and transparent information regarding the collection of data will be essential for all businesses that control or process personal data and that may mean translating policy documentation concerning GDPR for your clients and suppliers.

An extract from the official EU guidance on GDPR reads:
“Where the information is translated into one or more other languages, the data controller should ensure that all the translations are accurate and that the phraseology and syntax makes sense in the second language(s) so that the translated text does not have to be deciphered or re-interpreted. A translation in one or more other languages should be provided where the controller targets data subjects speaking those languages.”

All companies need to make sure that their information on GDPR is translated by a company with the correct legal knowledge to ensure your information is presented clearly and correctly.  City Legal has secure, confidential procedures that are trusted by 19 of the UK’s top 20 law firms.  We have an unparalleled reputation for accuracy, quality and an unrivalled knowledge of the legal industry with our 30 years’ experience.  Why trust anyone else?

City Legal Translations.  For GDPR related translations as meticulous as you are.
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