Marriage Translation Service

Did you know City Legal Translations translated over 1000 certificates last year alone?  Why do so many individuals trust us with their important information?  Because we've been doing this for over 30 years and, as full members of the Association of Translation Companies and Institute of Translation and Interpreting, we're able to certify your documentation to all levels required.

So what sort of information can we translate for your wedding?  We get asked to translate everything- from marriage certificates to menus for wedding receptions!  Proof of identity documents, birth certificates, visa information- we have the right experts on hand to guide you through the process and let you concentrate on the important stuff. We've even been asked to interprete for foreign guests!  We translate information both prior to your wedding and after, including documents needed to change names on passports, bank accounts and identity documentation.

We offer upfront pricing, with no hidden costs and by dealing directly with a translation company, you avoid paying any unnecessary markups.  We understand it can all be a bit scary and so can guide you through the different levels of certification you may need to make sure your documents are ready to use.  We promise that the process is a lot simpler than you might think!

City Legal Translations.  For translations as meticulous as you are.

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